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Distinguished online exhibits, tailor-made to share your collection story.



Collekt was born from a genuine love for the stories held by cherished collections. Seeing a gap in the arts and collecting community, and with the unique background of our founder Carter Grotta, who grew up in an actual art gallery, we set out to merge art with digital innovation. Our mission is straightforward yet powerful: to empower collectors to create their own online showcases that capture the heart and history of their collections. With the guidance of our experienced team, we create engaging websites that truly reflect the spirit of each piece, making it simple to share your collection's story across generations.

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Tailored Platform, Exclusively for You

Unlike conventional software solutions, Collekt specializes in crafting exclusive platforms designed entirely around your unique requirements and your collection's essence.

Dedicated to a Singular Mission

We've structured Collekt around a core belief: collectors deserve dedicated websites to share their collection stories, and we're here to assist you in achieving just that.

Mastering Your Comprehensive Needs

Our diverse agency background means we can turn any request to reality — whether it's a mesmerizing video, a bound book, or immersive 3D scans of your art, we're here to make it happen.

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