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"Grotta House is a remarkable art collection and the unique home built around it, documented and showcased through an interactive and immersive digital experience by Collekt. The project captures the legacy story of the collectors, offers in-depth information about each piece of art, and encourages exploration of shared artistic interests and values."

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The purpose of The Grotta House project was to both document and tell the story of a remarkable collection, the collectors themselves, and the unique home that they built around their art. Collekt was chosen to take on this project due to the unique and personalized approach that was needed to accomplish the defined goals of the client, but also build a brand around the collection.

Grotta house website image showing interior tour page
Grotta house website image showing interior tour first page

The process of bringing the concept to life required an understanding of what the collectors aimed to accomplish with their site, so that we could build a plan that would honor their vision. Through an investigative series of in-depth interviews, we were able to learn more about the narrative that we would be helping them shape. Once we had goals and objectives in place, the documentation process of this lifelong collection could begin.

With photo and video we cataloged each individual piece and gathered information about the original artist, how the art was acquired, and its relationship to the rest of the collection so that this information could be properly communicated through the Collekt site. With information about each piece, we were able to categorize the art within the website for the benefit of user experience, and provide a wealth of information about the art that could be explored more deeply including artist bio’s and the history of the pieces.


interactive gallery

Our interactive gallery feature for The Grotta House gave site visitors the ability to view the rooms in the home and experience the art as the collectors intended. Visitors can click the artwork they are interested in to get the in-depth background that Collekt documented in the cataloging and interview phases. Our customizable viewing rooms were a backend solution that enabled the collector to very simply create custom view rooms for exhibition. This feature was integrated with their catalog, and created view rooms that were accessible through a link but publicly published.

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The end product is an interactive and immersive digital experience that captures the essence and integrity of the collection. The Collekt site allows people all over the world to know and understand The Grotta House, the legacy story of the collectors, and encourages the exploration of shared artistic interests and values.

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